Dynamics Fortnight Friday Episode for 2018-06-22

Show Notes

What’s New:

* Marketo Connector for Flow and Flow Bot capabilities –
* Faster Authoring of Canvas PowerApps –
* Portals Upgrade Available to – typically get updates for what’s new here: but this release is in between what’s documented
* Resco Upgrade Available to in admin center ( direct import)
* Social Selling Assistant Upgrade Available to
* Voice of the Customer Upgrade Available to 9.0.1188.4 – remember to trigger upgrade from Applications area in admin portal – no documented new functionality – can check for that any time here:
* Versioning and mismatches advice –
* Optimization Advisor –
* Report Production Outage (Preview) –
* Terminate SQL Blocking tool –
* Import golden database from Tier 1 dev/test to Tier 2 with single click
(bacpac process) –
* Critical Updates Tile in LCS –
* June Update to PowerBI now allows for connection to Dynamics 365 CE 9.X Faster Endpoint –

How do I operationalize this?

* How to fix Resco Solution upgrade issue – add notes to Questionnaire entity
* Clean up AsyncOperationBase –
* Keep track of updates for CE –
* MS Project Client integration with D365 F&O Project Accounting –
* Flow integration with Business Apps –

Featured Content:

* Real-world use cases for physical buttons ( and shown), virtual buttons, and using Flow to automate business communication

Dynamics Fortnight Friday Episode for 2018-06-08

Show Notes

What’s New:

* PowerShell for PowerApps/Flow Maintenance –
* Commenting now supported in PowerApps formulas –
* Embedding PowerApps (including custom sizes) –
* LCS Filtering of environments –
* Notifications functionality in PowerApps –
* Sales Insights Preview solution upgrade to version (predictive
lead scoring addition)
* June Updates to Social Engagement (version 1.6) –

How do I operationalize this?

* Show places Sales Insights Upgrade could be performed from
* Put a PowerApp in Dynamics 365 F&O –

Featured Content:

* Talent Private Previews –
* Talent Public Previews –
* Talent feature for Public Previews –
* Deploy Demo Data in Talent via LCS –
* Try Talent for yourself –
* Post Jobs to LinkedIn
* Job Templates
* Attract – Career Site – OOB
* Integrated Offer Management


Dynamics Fortnight Friday Episode for 2018-05-25

Show Notes

What’s New:

* Register for Business Applications Summit –

* Many Flow updates, especially some new connectors and enhanced analytics on usage –

* LinkedIn Sales Navigator has an update to

* Voice of the Customer has an update to 9.0.1162 –

* It’s not new news, but this recent post is a nice summary of the Dynamics 365 Portals Security Model –

How do I operationalize this?

* Quick showcase of sitemap editing, including bringing back the Processes node and My Apps node in the default Sitemap. Relative URL Snippet for My Apps: /tools/AppModuleContainer/applandingtilepage.aspx

Featured Content:

* Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 (USD) provides a configurable framework for building call center applications that deliver a unified view of customer data and numerous communication channels (such as phone, chat, email, and social media) into a single interface.
* Best practice analyzer for USD is a developer tool that identifies defects in customizations and extensions, to help developers build and deploy efficient customizations and extensions.
* Recent Update – Unified Client Interface (UCI) apps integrate with Unified Service Desk (Public Preview) to provide consistent user experiences for session management, customizable layouts, agent guidance, line-of-business applications, and channel integration.

Key Takeaways:
* Unified Experience
* Single, intuitive experience for service professionals
* Single Pane of Glass
* Integration among multiple other applications, even if there’s no API
* Business Processes spanning multiple LoB apps
* Ability to execute workflow across multiple line of business applications
* Centralized Management
* Configure setup centrally in GUI – pulled locally to USD clients on at login
* Leverage existing investment and ‘power’ of Dynamics + Office 365 + Azure
* Session Management
* Handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously
* Reduce AHT through automations and streamlining agent interactions
* Reduce TTA and agents ‘resetting’ apps after dispositioning interactions
* Decrease agent training with more intuitive UI and automation
* Automate input and hide screens to streamline agent work

Dynamics Fortnight Friday Episode for 2018-05-11

Show Notes

What’s New

PowerApps updates:

Flow updates:

Dynamics 365 CE Updates:

How do I operationalize this?

1. Notifications (for non-global admins)
2. Show how to know updates are ready and apply them

Featured Content

Entire Dynamics Stack:

  • GDPR Readiness
  • Accessibility
    • Vision
      • Magnifier / High Contrast
    •  Hearing
      • Narrator / Screen Reader compatibility
    • Speech
      • Game Chat Transcription – Speech to Text and vice versa
      • Enhanced Dictation
      • Focus Mode
      • Syllabification – improves word recognition

Specifics in Customer Engagement:


  • Unified Client Interface completeness
  • Common Data Service for Apps
    • Auditing of reads of records in CDS for Apps


  • First party solution using CDS for Analytics, just like Sales or Service
  • Multi-Channel customer journey orchestration (marketing automation)
  • Event Management
  • Lead scoring and management
  • Meant for mid-sized marketing needs – Adobe is still our preferred
    Enterprise solution


Specifics in Business Central:

  • Small and Medium sized businesses
  • Next Generation of NAV
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Project
  • Service order management
  • HR

Specifics in Talent:

  • Integration with F&O preview
  • Configuration Hiring process
  • Advanced Interview scheduling
  • Portal
  • Onboard updates

Specifics in PowerApps:

  • Introduction of Model Driven PowerApps
  • In Canvas PowerApps, introduction of attachment handling for SharePoint

Specifics in Finance and Operations:

  • Alerts
  • Optimization Advisor
  • Project Improvements
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • CDS 2.0
  • Integration for Talent and Project Service Automation
  • Telemetry based KB recommendations in LCS


Dynamics Fortnight Friday Episode for 2018-04-27

Show Notes

What is Dynamics Fortnight Fridays?

  • Introduction of Bart, Dan, and the show
  • Who should pay attention
    • Admins
    • Power Users
    • Operations Staff
  • What we plan to cover in our episodes
    • What’s new
    • How to administer and manage as an IT function
    • How to do and setup things (show and tell)

What is Dynamics 365?

  • Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps & CDS for Analytics
  • Customer Engagement SaaS Apps imbued with intelligence and mobility
    • Marketing
      • Adobe
      • Dynamics Marketing
    • Sales
      • Microsoft Relationship Sales (includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator)
      • Enterprise Sales
      • Professional Sales (no intelligence or social)
    • Customer Service
    • Field Service
    • Project Service
    • Social Engagement
    • IoT
    • Insights
    • Additional capabilities included with plans
      • Portal
      • Gamification
      • Voice of the Customer (Surveys)
      • Inside View
      • Versium Predict
      • PowerApps P2 license
  • Finance & Operations, Retail
    • Financials
    • Supply Chain/Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Industries
    • Multi-Model
    • Multi – Currency, Company, Language
  • Talent
    • Attract (integrated with LinkedIn)
    • Gauge
    • Offer
    • Onboard
    • Manage
  • Business Application Platform
    • PowerApps
      • Canvas Apps
      • Model Driven Apps
    • Flow
    • Common Data Service for Apps

Thanks for production help!

  • Alesha Baerenwald
  • Emily Mackmiller
  • Doug Splinter

We’re going live on April 27!

This is just a welcome post introducing you to Dynamics Fortnight Fridays!