Dynamics Fortnight Fridays Episode for 2022-10-07

Show Notes

What’s New in Power Platform:

What’s New in CE:

What’s New in HR/Retail/BC/Project:

What’s New in F&SCM:

What’s New in Solution Updates:

  • Flow Extensions to, then
  • Process Mining to
  • Healthcare FHIR Common Data Model to
  • Enterprise Sales to 9.0.22084.10006, then 9.0.22091.10001
  • Sales Insights to 9.0.22091.10006, then 9.0.22091.10007
  • Project Operations to
  • Agent Productivity Tools to 9.2.22091.1004
  • App Profile Manager to 10.1.22091.1005
  • Service Scheduling to 9.0.22091.1003
  • Virtual Connectors for Dataverse to
  • LinkedIn Sales Nav to
  • Field Service to
  • AI Builder for Project Cortex to 202209.5.2901.0

3 Places you can look to find out some of the details of these updates:

Featured Content: